The Australian Labradoodle Association UK Ethics

To become a member of the the Australian Labradoodle Association UK, all member breeders must follow the ALAUK Ethics and must;

  • Ensure all dogs in their programme  are properly housed, fed, have access to water, be provided with exercise and mental stimulation and receive all necessary veterinary care
  • All dogs coats must be kept in a healthy matt free condition
  • Puppies must be raised in an environment that is beneficial and nurturing to their physical and mental needs, and be provided with stimulation daily.
  • All puppies born will be vaccinated and microchipped prior to  going to their new homes and will not leave prior to 8 weeks old
  • Never have been convicted of any kind of animal abuse or banned from keeping any kind of animals
  • Will not breed any dog that is not mentally and physically mature.
  • Will not breed from a bitch less than 15 months of age and older than 7 years of age.
  • Carry out the basic line of health testing on every breeding dog, As a minimum, hips, elbows, patella, BVA eye test every two years, DNA tests must be clear on at least one of the breeding dogs from each pairing to include, VWD, PRA, IC, DM and EIC
  • Educate puppy owners on the grooming requirements of the Australian Labradoodle
  • Not repeat any matings that have produced puppies with any genetic or life inhibiting defect
  • All potential puppy owners will be interviewed/assessed suitable to ensure the best possible homes 
  • Provide all new puppy owners with a written contract outlining your requirements regarding spaying and neutering if not already neutered. Puppies must be spayed or neutered by 12 months old, 15 months old in extenuating circumstances, breeders are responsible to ensure this has been carried out.
  • Obtain a breeding license where required with your local council 
  • Will in good faith maintain professional relationships and support fellow breeders and not be seen to be speaking disrespectfully of another breeder.
  • All breeders promise to promote, protect and further the breed