Australian Labradoodle Guardian Homes

There is occasional need for guardian homes with all of the ALAUK Australian Labradoodle breeders.

We believe the best socialised puppies, who make the best family dogs come from dedicated breeders  whose puppies are born in the home and are much loved members of the family. 

Becoming a guardian home is not something to be undertaken without due consideration, and not a decision breeders make lightly as we have an exceptionally high standard of care for our breeding dogs, and expect no less of our future breeding dogs placed in a guardian home.

Therefore, the right guardian home must focus on essential socialisation, training, appropriate feeding, body condition, exercise and grooming care. Additionally the right family home must show common sense and good communication with the breeder.

The puppy placed will remain the legal ownership of the breeder whilst he/she is a part of a breeding program, and ownership only transferred to the guardian home once the dog is neutered at the breeders expense. 

The puppy will return to the breeder for health testing, mating and again for birthing.  All health testing and vet related breeding costs are the responsibility of the breeder, all routine costs are the responsibility of the guardian home.

Guardians will be fully mentored by the breeder.

If you are seriously interested in taking an outstanding quality Australian Labradoodle into your home, at no or highly reduced purchase cost, as part of the future of an Australian Labradoodle breeding program and would like to know more, please get in touch with your local breeder on the approved breeders page to explore options further.