Australian Labradoodle Grooming

Australian Labradoodle grooming

The ALAUK stance on grooming is the Australian Labradoodles require regular grooming to avoid matting and discomfort.

Below is the link to the ALAA grooming video to help give you an idea and to show your groomer.

Australian Labradoodles should be groomed every 5-6 weeks and combed regularly at home in-between grooms, ideally several times a week to ensure no matts build up.

Puppies will go through a coat change between approximately 8-12 months where there adult coat starts to come through. During this period, coats should be groomed more regularly, ideally combed through daily, as matts build up very quickly as the adult coat meets the puppy coat. 

The Australian Labradoodle Association of Americas grooming video


There is a vast amount of equipment available to buy for Australian Labradoodle grooming.

The two main items you will need, is a metal comb and a slicker brush. Combing should take up the lions share of your grooming regime as the comb gets all the way down to the skin to prevent matting.

Slicker brushes will brush the top half layer of the coat but are unlikely to get all the way down to the skin in an adult coat, so ensure you combine with combing.